Testimonial #8

I used John Gilroy with Gilroy & Napoli to represent me in a very complex and multi-faceted case after a bad experience with a different lawyer/law firm (whom I dismissed). I travelled from Hawaii to deal with my case and made a point to interview several different firms. I felt instantly comfortable with John and his staff and never felt judged or looked down upon. Since I live across the Pacific Ocean and am not in state to deal with this legal matter, finding the right lawyer and firm was essential. My requirements were the following: knowledge of the law, loads of experience, amicable connections, excellent communication, likability, cost and ability to think outside the box. John Gilroy far exceeded my expectations on all accounts.

His resume, experience and knowledge of the legal system are outstanding and his contacts and connections saved me both time and money. The amount I saved from his thinking outside of the box and directing me clearly on what to do covered more than his fees; I ended up saving money by using Gilroy and Napoli. He’s also a very nice guy. This may not seem important; however, having a lawyer who has a good reputation among his peers and colleagues is necessary. Many lawyers will reference that they know everyone in the system, but he genuinely does. His professional history outlines it and my experience proves it. I highly recommend John Gilroy and Gilroy & Napoli.