May 1st, 2024

Understanding Beyond a Reasonable Doubt in the Legal System

When facing arrest and the ensuing criminal court process, comprehending the nuances is essential as each case varies based on factors like alleged crimes, prior record, and arrest circumstances. A…

Apr 24th, 2024

Introducing Attorney Jason Wheeless – The Latest Addition to Our Law Office in Bend Oregon

We have some exciting news from our Bend office—the GNS Team is expanding, and we’re thrilled to welcome Jason Wheeless as the newest member of our team! Jason, who is…

Mar 10th, 2024

Distinguishing Between Jail and Prison Time in Oregon

While the terms jail and prison are often used interchangeably, they have distinct differences. Understanding these differences is crucial, especially if you’re facing criminal charges. This knowledge will empower you…

Feb 2nd, 2024

Our Team Grows Stronger: Welcoming Attorney Jenna Richards

Today, we’re thrilled to announce some exciting updates from our Portland office. Our firm, the Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group, known for our legal expertise and proficiency in Oregon, has…

Jan 20th, 2024

Do White Collar Offenders Face Imprisonment in Oregon?

The story of Bernie Madoff has become almost legendary in its infamy. As the mastermind behind the biggest Ponzi scheme in history, Madoff defrauded investors of an astonishing $64.8 billion….

Jan 9th, 2024

Welcoming a New Star to Our Team: Amanda Loshbaugh

Today, we’re thrilled to share some exciting news from the legal world. The Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group, a name synonymous with legal finesse and expertise in Oregon, has just…

Nov 28th, 2023

Cornelius Man Accused of 2022 Manslaughter Acquitted on All Charges

A notable legal development occurred in the Washington County Circuit Court, where a 46-year-old Cornelius man was acquitted of charges related to a shooting incident that occurred in March 2022….

Oct 1st, 2023

Top 10 Myths About Hiring an Attorney

Addressing the common misconceptions surrounding legal assistance is a matter of paramount importance, especially for those hesitant to seek legal counsel due to prevailing myths. The legal landscape is often…

Aug 25th, 2023

Attorney Melodie Dickey Joins Our Salem Law Office

In a significant move aimed at further fortifying its legal prowess, Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group, stationed at 530 Center Street NE, Suite 722, Salem, OR 97301, proudly introduces the…

Jul 1st, 2023

Bend DUI Mugshots | How to Avoid Getting Your Mugshot Taken in Bend, Oregon, and Deschutes County

The most straightforward method of avoiding your face ending up on the latest Bend DUI mugshots – is through strict adherence to the law. Abiding by the rules goes beyond…