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Looking for the best DUI attorney near you? Our Medford Criminal Defense Lawyers are here for you and are fully prepared to aggressively protect your rights and safeguard your interests. We have helped hundreds of individuals and families in Jackson County to obtain the optimum resolutions that are efficient, and effective in meeting legal goals. Frequently we are able to assist our clients with avoiding jail time, getting a reduced sentence and sometimes even get their cases dismissed. Our legal team and attorneys have a proven track record with defense cases throughout the State of Oregon.

If you’re in Southern Oregon and need legal representation contact us today: 541-930-5700. We will respond promptly to your email or overnight message and your need for an evening or weekend appointment. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Video consultations are available using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime.

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Our Medford criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended clients throughout the state of Oregon and Jackson County facing a broad range of criminal charges — from minor theft and drug charges to drunk driving in Ashland or Medford. Our 5-Star Rated Defense Super Lawyers are well-versed in misdemeanor and felony cases, and we always vigorously defend our clients’ rights and best interests.

Oregon Gun Rights Restoration

A special focus of our law firm is representing individuals and firearms dealers in gun rights cases. If your rights are in jeopardy, or have already lost them, let us work to restore your Constitutional rights.

You can put the benefits of our many years of service, broad legal knowledge and keen client commitment to work for you, your business and family, starting today.

Southern Oregon Defense Attorneys

A peaceful place to call home with around 203,206 residents, Jackson County incorporates 11 cities and 34 communities within its limits, including the county seat of Medford. Rapidly developing and bustling with activity, this southernmost Oregonian county has recently experienced urbanization and growth that will change the lifestyles of residents forever.

As businesses pop up and developments settle into this cozy county, the population grows along with it. With more residents, businesses, and automobiles on the road, the potential for legal complications becomes increasingly apparent.

Gilroy Napoli Short functions to legally represent people throughout Southern Oregon including Medford, Eagle Point, Ashland and Jacksonville who have found themselves in legal trouble. Being arrested and what comes along with that is no fun. As trusted local attorneys we will assist those who have been arrested for DUI to get the best possible outcome.

Legal Advice for First-Time DUI

Fortunately, the State of Oregon has put a lenient program in place for first-time DUI offenders. Offered throughout the entire state but reserved exclusively for first-time offenders who decide against hiring a lawyer for their first offense, the Oregon DUI Diversion Program offers an alternative path that is focused on education, evaluation, and assimilation back into normal life.

The DUI Diversion Program allows first-time offenders to sign an agreement in which they would plead guilty to the offense and fulfill a series of qualifications in which the offense would be erased from the driver’s criminal record. By participating in the 12-month program which includes evaluation, treatment (if deemed necessary), paying off various fines, attending a panel held by victims of DUI related crimes, and more.

At the end of the 12-month program, the offense will be erased from the driver’s criminal record if all of the prerequisites are met.

While the Oregon DUI Diversion Program is a great option for first-time offenders, it is not the only choice available for those who qualify.

2nd or 3rd DUI Jackson County Oregon

Repeat DUI offenders are not eligible for the Oregon State DUI Diversion Program. However, for those who have been arrested for a DUI more than once, a Jackson County law attorney can be of assistance. The team at Gilroy Napoli Short has an incredible amount of experience and expertise with DUI arrest cases, and the experts assigned to your case are intent on guaranteeing that your treatment by the police, as well as the court system, is just, fair, and trustworthy.

By working with our team, our lawyers work diligently to ensure that the charges brought against you are fair, and in accordance with the law. With their incredible legal knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that you will receive the best treatment (and subsequently, sentence), even if your offense is not your first. By bringing in the assistance of our Medford DUI Defense Attorneys, you will be able to benefit from a potentially reduced sentence through their well rounded knowledge of the legal system and operation.

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that a convicted person facing arrest is completely innocent of any crime. Many factors can lead to this situation, however if you find yourself detained and arrested while facing possible DUI charges and you are able to prove your innocence, contact our law firm as soon as possible. We are also available to meet with you by FaceTime, Zoom Video or Skype.

By bringing in the help of our Jackson County DUI attorneys, you will be able to benefit from a potentially reduced sentence, or if you are innocent, you will be able to completely clear your name. There is no reason not to reach out – provide yourself with assistance and increase your chances of reclaiming your life by setting yourself up for success.

Experience Is Necessary

Not all attorneys are created equal. Some have more knowledge and experience dealing with DUI charges. You need a legal team that has that experience to understand how to react to any legal situation surrounding your DUI charge in which you might find yourself. You want to hire a lawyer that primarily focuses on criminal matters, including DUI charges. Obviously the most experienced lawyer you can get will have the best chance of getting your charges dismissed.

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When the going gets rough, we stand by you. Put our 5-Star Rated Jackson County Attorneys to work for you. If necessary we can meet you at the jail at the Ashland Police Department, or at the Jackson County jail. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in Ashland, Medford, Eagle Point or Jacksonville Oregon contact us today, for a free no-charge consultation: 541-930-5700. We also have offices in Salem, Bend and Portland if its better for you to meet us there.

We will respond promptly to your email or overnight message and your need for an evening or weekend appointment. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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