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Searching for the best DUI attorney near you? Our Medford Defense Lawyers are here for you and are fully prepared to aggressively protect your rights and safeguard your interests. We have helped countless people charged with drunk driving with possibly avoiding jail time, getting a reduced sentence and sometimes even get their case dismissed. Our 5-Star Rated* legal team has a proven track record with defense cases throughout the State of Oregon including Medford and Ashland.

If you have been arrested in Medford, Eagle Point, Jacksonville or Ashland, don’t hesitate, contact us today: 541-930-5700. Our attorneys can meet with you in person or video consultations are available using FaceTime, Skype, Google or Zoom Video. We will respond promptly to your email or overnight message, evening or weekend appointments are also available. Our defense lawyers are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Our Medford criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended clients throughout the state of Oregon and Jackson County facing a broad range of criminal charges — from minor theft and drug charges to drunk driving in Ashland or Medford. Our 5-Star Rated Defense Super Lawyers are well-versed in misdemeanor and felony cases, and we always vigorously defend our clients’ rights and best interests.

Medford DUI Attorneys

Mistakes happen, and consequences can vary from non-existent to life-shatteringly severe. When you’re handcuffed and sitting on the hard plastic seats of a Medford police vehicle, there’s a good chance that you’re replaying the events in your mind that have led up to this particular moment in time. No matter where you are, the consequences of being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) can be overwhelming, paralyzing, and stress inducing. However, just because you have been charged with such a crime doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be convicted as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and the Gilroy Napoli Short  can show you the best way to address your unique situation.

What Happens After Being Arrested?

The best way to proactively begin your dealing of the circumstances is to begin building your legal defense. You want to be able to put your complete trust and confidence into your defense – and Gilroy Napoli Short has the experience and expertise to put your mind at ease while the ramifications of your experience is being dealt with. With years of experience representing individuals facing DWI charges, you can rest assured that the outcome of your case will have your best interests at heart. Whatever the circumstances, the strength and versatility of your legal defense team matters – and Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group always delivers.

Comprised of a diverse team of former law enforcement officers, forensic experts, private investigators, and former prosecutors who collaborate to create a comprehensive defense for your particular circumstances, your legal defense is truly in the best hands with Gilroy Napoli Short.

With years of experience and an ever-growing number of well defended clients throughout the state of Oregon, the GNS Law Firm can provide you with the most reliable legal strength and support that Medford has to offer.

I Was Charged with DUI in Medford. What Happens Now?

Consequences are steep and punishment can be severe for those who are accused of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in Jackson County. Your situation is unique, and the circumstances of your conviction may lead your mind down a dark and dismal road as you imagine the ramifications of your charges.

Mental anguish is to be expected in these difficult circumstances, while your stress mounts up and your uncertainty regarding the future grows. If you or a loved one has recently been arrested and potentially facing a conviction for driving under the influence in Medford or Jackson County, the situation may seem dire. However, there is an experienced team in GNS Law Group that has helped countless other individuals – and you can join them.
Your stress, anxiety, and concern will be wiped away as you put your trust into the law group that provides impeccable legal representation to those who are potentially facing jail time, financial penalties, or sentencing stemming from your DUI charge.

So what happens? You let GNS Law Group do the work. Professional, experienced, and well-versed in the legal stipulations of your situation, you can be confident that your case will end in the best possible outcome for your health, safety, and life.

Citation and Release

Have you been recently cited and released for a DUI in Medford or Jackson County? If so, you will be issued a citation with an order to appear for your court date and sentencing. These are important instructions, and should be treated as such if you’re hoping for the best possible outcome.


If you have been arrested with a DUI charge in Medford or Jackson County, you will be issued an agreement that contains detailed instructions pertaining to your upcoming appearance in court. Failure to appear for your court date will lead to further complications in your case and will decrease your chances of a positive outcome.

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that a convicted person facing arrest is completely innocent of any crime. Many factors can lead to this situation, however if you find yourself detained and arrested while facing possible DUI charges and you are able to prove your innocence, contact our law firm as soon as possible. We are also available to meet with you by FaceTime, Zoom Video or Skype.

Felony DUI

If you have recently been booked at Jackson County Jail on felony DUI charges, you can expect to be held at the facility until your court date. However, you may be able to post bail if it applies to your situation.

Court Appearance

Your court appearance will occur at the Jackson County Court, located at 100 S. Oakdale Ave., Medford, Oregon 97501 at the predetermined date issued to you.

It is your responsibility to know and adhere to the exact date, time, and location of your court appearance. If you do not show up to your aforementioned court date, you will have a warrant issued for your arrest, and will be pursued by the police. In addition to your DUI charge, you will be cited with a charge of Failure to Appear, and held in jail for your next scheduled court appearance. Eliminate your chances of damaging your situation by obeying the instructions issued to you, and show up to court to increase your chances of receiving your best outcome.

Sentencing Options

By hiring an experienced DUI attorney such as Gilroy Napoli Short, you can make sure that all of your current sentencing options will be clearly laid out and identified for your current situation.

A DUI is a state crime, and every court in the state of Oregon addresses these charges in their own ways. By having a Medford DUI Lawyer that is well versed in these local laws, you can rest assured that your best interests will be in mind when it is your day in court.

Southern Oregon Treatment Programs

The Jackson County DUI Treatment Court Program is able to issue and apply the 12-step addiction treatment model to DUII offenders who have up to three misdemeanor DUII charges or display a high breathalyzer reading or blood alcohol test that results in a DUI charge.

By utilizing this treatment program that is complete with sanctions and incentives specifically designed to help members in the recovery process, the Jackson County DUI Treatment Court Program is able to help the accused take responsibility for their actions and assist them in a full and comprehensive recovery.

Jackson County DUI Diversion Program

Unique to the state of Oregon, first time offenders charged with drunk driving are immediately eligible to enter the DUII Diversion Program as opposed to serving jail time. To qualify for the Diversion Program, the accused must plead guilty or no contest to charges. Due to these special circumstances, your DUI can potentially be dismissed after one year if you have proven to have complied with the terms and have demonstrated good behavior.

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