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If you are at risk of losing your Oregon driving privileges because of a DUI or DUII arrest, or a succession of serious traffic violations, you should act now to choose attorneys with experience, negotiation skills and client commitment that could put you back on the road.

Our defense attorneys know what your Oregon driver’s license means to you — freedom, mobility, spontaneity and most importantly, a means of getting to your job so you can provide for your family. We do everything in our power to restore your legal ability to drive.

We can also safeguard your interests if you have been arrested for driving while suspended or revoked, refusal of breath testing and any other drunk driving-related charge. The Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group brings more than 25 years of combined experience and a track record of success to your goal of legally driving again

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Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group · More Than 25 years of Combined Experience

Following an arrest for DUII, if your license is suspended, your window for requesting a DMV administrative hearing is only 10 days. Failure to meet that deadline means you forfeit your opportunity to contest the suspension.

License suspensions can last from 90 days to three years. We understand how you might be concerned about losing your license. When you hire the Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group, we will stay on top of your case at all times, to assure that you meet the appeal deadline.

As your DMV hearing approaches, our attorneys will work closely with you so that you understand every detail of your arrest and the penalties you face. You can trust our skilled criminal law attorneys to prepare a strong defense, as we do for every client.

Are you the out-of-state parent of a Portland, Bend, Eugene, Ashland or Salem-area college or university student whose driver’s license or criminal record is in jeopardy? We deliver quality legal services for your son or daughter, taking care of his or her case locally to spare you unnecessary worry and travel expenses.

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