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Bend is part of Deschutes County and is considered as Central Oregon’s biggest city. Despite its vast expanse, the city still has a relatively low population density, but the numbers are steadily growing within the last few years. In as recent as 2019, it is estimated that there are over 197,488 residents living in the Bend / Redmond Oregon area, marking the city as the fifth largest metropolitan area in the state.

With the population of Bend quickly growth and the roads are becoming more congested over time, this leads to a number of roadside accidents. Many of which can be attributed to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) which means the services of the trusted Bend, Oregon DUI Attorneys are slowly becoming more and more important.

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First-Time DUI Offenders

For those who face arrest and conviction due to DUI it can be a troubling and stressful experience, especially if it is your first time dealing with the law. Anyone who wants to ensure that their rights as a resident of Bend, Oregon are not violated in any way must seek the professional guidance and legal advice of a DUI attorney.

It is very common to feel a lot of pressure to sign a plea deal offered by the police because it looks like the easiest option available. This is a misconception that a good DUI attorney can explain to you once they are a part of your legal team. Before calling the first law firm you see, here are some good pointers when choosing Bend, Oregon DUI attorneys.

Expert DUI Defense Attorneys

Not all lawyers have the same experience with criminal defense and dealing with DUI charges. When looking for the right defense team to help you deal with a DUI conviction it is best to look into the experience of the legal team. A lawyer whose primary focus is to deal with criminal charges, especially overthrowing DUI charges, should be on the top your list.

Local Bend Lawyer

It is never a good idea to hire an attorney who is based outside of Bend, or worse, outside of Oregon. The local laws are usually different in every state when it comes to DUI charges, first-time offenders, and repeat offenders. To get the most out of your DUI lawyer’s services only choose those who are locally based because they will know more about the local court than any outsider ever will. Attorneys who know the state and city well will come up with better arguments to win your case or get your conviction reduced or even expunged from your records.

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