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As soon as you are given a citation for a DUI offense, whether you are arrested and spend time in county jail or released and given your first court date appearance, one thing is a must: hiring a Beaverton Oregon DUI lawyer. For the best outcome and to give you and your family peace of mind, legal counsel should guide you through the process.

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What You Need To Know About Your DUI Arrest

Understandably, all drivers who receive their first DUI citation are scared of what comes next. However, it is good to remember that just because you were given a citation doesn’t automatically mean you will be convicted. A good Beaverton Oregon DUI lawyer will do their best to ensure you are treated fairly and their team will work hard to keep the charges at the bare minimum if any.

However, in cases where you are arrested and booked for the citation, you will receive instructions for the court appearance upon release. In cases where the driver is charged with a Felony DUI, things are more complicated and the offender will likely be held in jail until the scheduled court date. These are the people who will need the help and guidance of a DUI lawyer the most.

Where Do I Go For My Court Appearance?

Check the paperwork provided to you upon release for the specifics about the time, date, and location of the court appearance. Most likely, you will be required to appear at the Washington County Circuit Court. Although a Beaverton Oregon DUI lawyer will guide you through the process and explain everything to you in detail, appearing in court on time is still your responsibility.

Be punctual, and never miss your scheduled date in court as this will lead to more legal trouble. Missing a court appearance will result in a warrant for your arrest and an additional charge of “Failure to Appear”. On top of that, you will be held in jail until the next scheduled court date.

Washington County Sentencing Options

Washington County is inside the state of Oregon which is known for its strict sentencing options. Community service is generally not an option, but that is to deter repeat offenders. Keep in mind that Oregon considers DUIs as a state crime and will uphold mandatory penalties like the suspension of your driver’s license. To avoid any other these troubles, call a DUI lawyer immediately.

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