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Deschutes County DUI Attorney

The Deschutes County of Oregon is home to a bustling population that exceeds 150,000. The county which was first established back in 1916 and was aptly named after the Deschutes River has grown into a vibrant and successful community today. As the population continues to grow, and urbanization begins to take over, life in Deschutes County has changed dramatically.

With development comes more people, more roads, and more cars. This leads to some people requiring the expertise and guidance of a trusted Deschutes County DUI attorney to help them get out of DUI arrests and clear their official record.

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Legal Advice For First-Time DUI Offenders

The state of Oregon has a very forgiving program set up for DUI first-time offenders. The DUI Diversion Program is offered throughout the entire state. The program tries to help drivers by allowing them to sign an agreement stating they plead guilty to the offense and they must follow a series of steps which will involve the following: evaluation, treatment (when deemed necessary), paying off various fines, the attendance of a victim’s panel, and so much more.

The result of the 12-month program is the erasure of the offense from the driver’s records. It is a good option, but it not the only one available.

Deschutes County Repeat DUI Offenders

Those who already hold a record for a previous DUI charge are not eligible for the DUI Diversion Program. When you have been arrested for a DUI more than once, your case is going to need the help and expertise of a Deschutes County DUI attorney. These experts will be assigned to your case and make sure you are treated by the police and the court system fairly.

Your attorney will work with their team and yourself to ensure the charges brought against you are fair and accordance with the law. It is only with their legal knowledge and experience that you have a chance of getting a reduced sentence, even if you are no longer a first-time offender.

Sadly there is always a chance that a person facing arrest and conviction is innocent of any crime. If you find yourself riding at the back of a police car facing possible DUI charges and you are innocent, call your Deschutes County DUI attorney immediately. They will make sure your name is cleared long before you even see the inside of a jail cell.

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