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When an officer of the law has pulled a driver over for a DUI, it is normal to feel scared, overwhelmed, and sometimes even hopeless. A citation sounds very formal and daunting to any driver. Just because you were given a citation in Estacada doesn’t mean it will result in a conviction.

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To have a chance at fighting the conviction, you should call our experienced DUI lawyers right away. Here’s what DUI attorneys want all of their clients to know:

Citation and Release

When a driver is released after a citation, they will be required to appear during their court date and sentencing. All the information will be found in the citation itself.


Drivers arrested for DUI will be given a release agreement that has all the instructions and information about their court date upon their release from the county jail.

Felony DUI

This is a notch more serious than a citation and when booked with a Felony DUI charge, the driver will be held in jail until their court date or be released when bail is posted.

Court Appearance?

It is a must for everyone with a court date to appear at the specific date, time, and location indicated on the paperwork. Otherwise, failure to appear will result in a warrant for arrest and those arrested will remain in jail until their next court date. On top of the DUI charges, an additional “Failure to Appear” will be added to your list of offenses.

Sentencing Options

An experienced local Estacada, Oregon DUI lawyer will take the time to explain all of the sentencing options available. The options will depend on your case and several other circumstances. Although, it best to remember that all DUI charges are considered independent state crimes. However, all of the statutes and penalties like suspension of license are the same all over the country.

Clackamas County Treatment Courts

What sets Clackamas County apart from many counties is the unique 12-step treatment model that comes with incentives and sanctions known as the Clackamas County Treatment Courts. This program aims to help offenders with 3 or more previous DUI charges recover from their addiction while also taking responsibility for crimes.

Clackamas County DUII Diversion Program

On the other hand, first-time offenders have the option to enter the DUI Diversion program instead of serving any jail time. However, the driver must please guilt or have no contest against the charge and wait until the end of the year, while also staying out of trouble for the charges to be dismissed.

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