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Founded in 1850, Forest Grove has always been a sleepy small town, but as Portland’s population has expanded in recent years the town has been growing at a fast pace because, most people are eager to escape the high cost of living in Portland for the more affordable “smaller town” of Forest Grove.

Sadly, as Portland grows it’s not been uncommon to hear reports of more DUI related accidents but the good news is that every driver in the Forest Grove area can give themselves the advantage when they use the Gilroy / Napoli / Short law firm if they arrested for DUI.

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We Help First-Time DUI Offenders

Are you facing a first-time arrest and possible conviction due to driving while under the Influence (DUI)?

We know that this can be a troubling experience and also very stressful because, the arrest could possibly be your first time having to deal with a DUI and you may not know what step you should take next. This is why you should hire a Forest Grove DUI attorney because, we will provide you with the professional guidance and legal advice that you need which will ensure that your rights are not violated in any way.

One of the biggest mistakes that you want to avoid when dealing with a DUI is the mistake of accepting a plea deal from the police.

Although a plea deal may look like the easiest option available, this is generally a huge misconception because you have more than one option available. You absolutely do not want to sign away your rights without first speaking with an experienced DUI attorney.

We’re Expert Defense Attorneys

We know that you’re searching for a Forest Grove DUI attorney online but the reality is that not all DUI attorneys have the same criminal defense experience and are familiar with dealing with DUI related charges.

This is why when you’re looking for a DUI attorney in Forest Grove to help you with your possible DUI conviction you should choose an attorney who has the most experience possible because this will also ensure that you stand a much greater chance of winning your case.

Don’t settle for hiring just any attorney to be a part of your defense team! You should choose an attorney who has the most experience possible and preferably only specializes in DUI related cases.

Choose A Local DUI Attorney

Although there are many law firms across the United States who claim to specialize in DUI related cases, the reality is that when you hire a law firm that’s based out of state there’s a good chance that they may do poorly in the local Forest Grove Court System. Why? They may be unfamiliar with our local laws and they will not have experience with the local courts.

Instead of hiring a DUI attorney from out of town, you should hire a DUI attorney who is based right here in the Forest Grove area. You want someone who is locally-based because they will be familiar with the local court system, our laws, and have the experience that you need to win your case then get the charges expunged from your record.

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