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The region of Hillsboro, Oregon was founded back in 1842 and was and still is known as the manufacturing and technology hub of the Metropolitan Portland area. Back in 1950, the population was only at 5,000 people, but today it has exploded into a diverse populous of over 100,000 residents. Even after the population boom, Hillsboro is still one of the most economically wealthy cities on the west coast.

Since there is a great number of people living in the area, there are certain needs and services that are in demand. While the area is known to be 35% safer compared to other major US cities, crime is still present. Which is why such things like the services provided by a Hillsboro DUI attorney are a must in large cities where traffic crimes can sometimes become rampant. There is no denying that a good defense can help the residents of Hillsboro fight an unjust accusation.

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When To Hire A Hillsboro DUI Attorney

These are the circumstances where an experienced lawyer’s help is necessary:

  • A Person Has More Than One DUI Arrest – People with previous records in the state of Oregon will find it more difficult to get through the court proceedings without legal help. Past DUI arrest may result in the suspension of license or even jail time when a lawyer is not present to argue the case.
  • The “Suspect” Is NOT Guilty – Yes, there are cases where the law enforcement officers who serve and protect the citizens of Hillsboro make mistakes when arresting a person for a DUI charge. This should not go undefended because an innocent person should not be subjected to any form of punishment.
  • People Who Want To Keep Their Records Clean – An official DUI arrest can be damaging to a person’s life and career, a good team of attorney can help bring down the charges and even argue to keep the arrest sealed if there is a due reason.

There are several reasons to call for the assistance of the DUI attorneys of the Gilroy Napoli Short Law Firm. It is their job to defend the residents of Hillsboro and they will surely work with you to help you clear your DUI charges, especially if they are unwarranted.

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Call Today For A Free Consultation: 503-747-7198

Call Today For A Free Consultation: 503-747-7198