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The Klamath County of Oregon is known for being the home of the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway as well as the Crater Lake National Park. The beautiful area of Klamath County is home to about 70,000 happy residents and more than a quarter of the population resides within the city limits of Klamath Falls. Even though the county’s population is considered by most neighboring counties as small, there is no denying that the residents still need the help of their local Klamath County DUI attorney when it comes to dealing with DUI charges.

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Dealing With DUI Charges

The expanse land of Klamath County stretches over 6,135 miles leaving a lot of room on the road for people to drive on. Sadly, there are some cases where drivers are pulled over by the police and are charged with driving under the influence (DUI). While some people are confident enough to talk their way out of the charges, most do not know their basic rights.

This is where the help of an experienced DUI lawyer comes in handy, most especially for first-time offenders. Residents of the county who make the mistake of foregoing an attorney to help with their charges end up with more than just a fine.

Klamath County DUI Charges And Consequences

The most common way the courts resolve first time DUI charges is through the DUI Diversion Program offered within the entire state of Oregon. When a driver agrees to the diversion program, this is what they will most likely go through:

Once the accused has pled guilty for their infraction, they are required to sign the DUI Diversion Agreement. The agreement also includes a voluntary substance abuse evaluation and treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, if necessary. Once the guilty party completes their evaluation, various fees are paid, and once all of the responsibilities of the program is completed after 12 months, the driver is dismissed and the DUI charges go away.

The best time to call a Klamath County DUI Attorney is when you have been falsely accused of a DUI or if the arrest is not your first time. These circumstances will complicate your case and you will need the expert guidance of an experienced DUI attorney who knows the local legal system. This way you do not plead guilty to a crime you did not commit or your sentence is reduced for your second or third offense.

Choose an attorney who knows Klamath County, the local police, and the local legal system well, this will be a big advantage on your part in the future.

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