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Established back in 1910 and holds a county seat within the Jefferson County, Madras is ideally located in the Central Oregon area. The small city is known for its beautiful desert views and the jaw-dropping panoramic view of the Cascade Mountain Range. The city is home to a rather small population of about 6,275 residents, but due to the city’s recreational outdoor activities, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

With more and more tourists and visitors coming to Madras, Oregon to experience the many recreational activities, the quiet city can become busy with cars zooming in and out. When there are cars and visitors, there is always a good chance of someone violating the local driving laws.

One very common law that is often broken is Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Sadly, without the help of a local and trusted group of Madras, Oregon DUI attorneys, one mistake can ruin someone’s perfectly clean criminal record.

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DUI Diversion in Jefferson County Oregon

Most people know that one small criminal record, even something as minor as a DUI committed during their younger years can have a drastic effect on their future success. A smudge on a perfect record can derail a young person’s career and they can lose countless of opportunities.

For this reason, the state of Oregon offers the DUI Diversion Program which results in the offense being erased from the official records once the program is completed by the guilty party. However, the downside to this seemingly lenient program is the time it takes to complete everything and the requirement of pleading guilty to the DUI conviction.

Hiring A DUI Attorney

While some people will gladly sign the agreement, there are those who want to fight the conviction so that they never have to plead guilty. This is where the trusted Madras, Oregon DUI attorneys come in handy. By hiring a legal team to negotiate and handle the legal procedures, there is a fighting chance that the driver will never have to plead guilty for the charges and they do not have to follow the DUI Diversion Program for 12 months until their name and record is cleared.

Hiring a DUI lawyer is most useful for first-time offenders who are also model citizens who made a bad judgment call, those who have been wrongly accused for a DUI they are innocent of, and for repeat offenders who want to negotiate for a better deal.

There are several reasons why DUI attorneys are valuable assets in court. Get in touch with the local Madras team to get your name cleared and your conviction erased sooner rather than later.

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