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Located just 44 minutes from Portland is the town of Molalla and over the last five years the town has been growing steadily as more people have been eager to live outside of the Portland area while still being able to work there.

Molalla is an ideal small town because it has a population of just under 10,000 so you can live here while still enjoying the nearby conveniences of the big city. Sadly, with the towns growth, we’ve also had more automobile accidents over the years that have been attributed to Driving Under the Influence(DUI). This makes having a trusted Clackamas County DUI Attorney like the Gilroy, Napoli, Short Law Group even more valuable.

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First Time DUI Offenders

As a long time Molalla Oregon DUI Attorney, we know that it can be troubling for those who may be facing a possible conviction due to DUI. Thankfully, if you were recently arrested for Driving Under The Influence, you can have confidence that your rights are represented in court when you have the legal advice and professional guidance of a DUI attorney.

One common mistake that many people make after being arrested for a DUI is signing a plea deal which has been offered to them by the police because, the Police may also present this as the easies option available. Sadly, what most people who sign the plea deal don’t realize is that they have more options than they know, and their rights will be fully explained to them when they choose a Molalla Oregon DUI Attorney.

Expert DUI Defense Attorney

Even though there are a lot of attorneys in today’s world, not all of them have the experience needed with criminal defense or DUI related charges. This is why when looking for the right lawyer or defense team, anyone who faces a possible DUI conviction should hire an attorney whose primary focus is dealing with criminal charges and has a proven track record of having DUI charges overthrown.

Choose a Local Attorney Familiar with the Clackamas County Court System

Although there are thousands of attorneys in the United States that may claim to have extensive experience with representing clients who are facing DUI convictions, the reality that DUI laws vary from state to state especially when it comes to first time offenders and repeat offenders.

This is why it’s vital for someone who is facing a DUI conviction to hire a lawyer who knows the local courts, laws, judges, and legal system as we whole. Hiring a locally based attorney also means that they will also come up with better arguments than a lawyer who is based out of state, or out of the area, and their experience will help you to get their clients conviction reduced and or expunged from their record.

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