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The city of Prineville Oregon is home to about 9,253 residents since the last 2010 census, and the population has no doubt grown since them. The small city is part of the Crook County and was named about the first merchant who lived in the area, Barney Prine.

While the small town isn’t a bustling big metropolitan city, there are still laws to follow and an authority figure who upholds them. This means that even with a small population there is still a need for the services offered by highly respected Prineville, Oregon DUI Attorneys.

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Who Needs The Help Of DUI Attorneys?

Hiring an attorney is an important decision that can have a major effect on the outcome of a DUI case. The circumstances may be different according to the situation of the arrested party, but ultimately attorneys have one goal: to lessen the charges against their client, or at best, to clear their name and record.

While it is important for everyone who is charged with a DUI offense to look into their options of Prineville, Oregon DUI attorneys, there are three cases that should never be dealt with without the guidance of a lawyer.

DUI Dismissed?

There are some cases where a driver is falsely accused of committing a crime. While the reasons may be different, it is still important to work with a criminal defense lawyer to clear your name of any wrongdoing. There are some cases where the authorities might try to coerce a confession from the driver, this can cause a domino effect which can lead to an innocent person admitting to a crime they did not commit.

With an experienced DUI attorney on your side, this will never happen as they will defend your case until the conviction is overturned and you are declared innocent of all charges.

First Time DUI Charge

Cases where the driver is truly guilty, but it is their first time to commit any crime, the DUI charges can still be dropped and expunged. This is only possible when the best Prineville, Oregon DUI attorneys are handling your case to ensure your first offense will not cost you your future and your excellent track-record.

Second DUI Charge

Even the guilty deserve proper representation in court. Repeat DUI offenders can rely on the experience and hard work of trusted attorneys to help lessen the charges against them. This can take a lot of pressure and burden off facing the legal system with a previous violation. Call our Prineville DUI attorneys today and fight for your DUI case to achieve the best conviction results possible.

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