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Getting arrested and charged for Driving Under the Influence will leave a stain on your record. For reputable members of the community, one arrest can be devastating to the reputation. Simply bowing down without working with DUI lawyers to make some adjustments with the arrest is never a good idea. However, who are the people who can best benefit from the help of a legal law firm?

DUI Lawyers Tigard, Oregon

Residents in Tigard, Oregon who have been charged with a DUI can call in the services of Gilroy Napoli Short Law Firm for assistance. The law group specializes in legal counsel for DUI cases. The firm led by the three hardworking partners will work with individuals looking to clear their name in court and to assure that their record remains free and clear of any arrests.

Who Should Hire A DUI Attorney?

Anyone who has been arrested for a DUI in Washington County can benefit from the legal assistance of DUI lawyers Tigard, Oregon. Most of all, drivers who have a clear record or have never been arrested are those who should fight to clear their name. First-time misdemeanor offenders have a good case and have a higher chance of being cleared without any arrest record. However, this is only possible with the help of the Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group.

Why Hire Lawyers For A DUI Case?

Having a law firm working on your case, no matter how minor the arrest is always advantageous. Navigating through the legal system is not easy for someone without any experience. Facing the courts without the guidance and assistance of DUI lawyers is ill-advised. The technical and legal terms alone are hard enough to understand. Some people end up admitting to an arrest without fully understanding the consequences, this will never happen when you have a team of experienced lawyers working on your case.

Proving Innocence Is Worth Every Penny

Not everyone charged and arrested for a DUI is guilty. In very rare circumstances people are actually innocent but are processed and given a court date because of some misunderstanding. This is a worst-case scenario, but one that requires the expertise of an experienced and competent team of lawyers.

Proving your innocence and sometimes pleading for a lesser charge before the judge is worth the legal fees. There is no need to muddy a good record for a minor offense when this can easily be avoided.

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