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The people of West Linn, Oregon deserve to have access to the best DUI lawyers in the area. The law firm working on the case will have a huge impact on whether the charges stick or they end up being dropped. Hiring the best DUI lawyers Clackamas County will make a difference in sentencing, if it even reaches that point.

How can a citizen know who to hire? By asking the right questions, of course. Here are good questions to ask potential DUI lawyers West Linn, Oregon:

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What Is Their Background?

The Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group is known for their work with DUI cases. The legal team is headed by the three partners who all have extensive knowledge of the legal system, particularly when it comes to DUI arrest cases. They take pride in going the extra mile to ensure all cases remain confidential while also working hard to deliver on promises. The law group is one of the best firms in the Clackamas County when it comes to providing assistance and support throughout the proceedings.

Do They Have Special Training?

DUI lawyers West Linn, Oregon will have some form of DUI law certification. The members of the Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group have the credentials and the experience to match. The firm always assures clients that they are on their side and will never let them face court dates and charges alone. The legal defense team works round the clock to ensure any and all loophole are covered and all charges are dropped or decreased when needed.

How Much Are The Fees?

There is no mistaking that hiring lawyers to help with a DUI case will come with certain fees. Ask about the payment methods to known how much you need for budget. Never be shy about being upfront with the fees because the sooner you get the question out of the way, the sooner the team can work on your case.

Do You Offer Free Consultation?

It is normal to feel hesitant and apprehensive about hiring a team of lawyers to defend your DUI case. It is a serious and confidential matter after all. To get a better feel of the team who will possibly help you clear your name and get the charges dropped the team at Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group offer free consultation.

Help Is Always Available

Trust the outcome of your case to the expert DUI lawyers West Linn, Oregon have to offer. The right team will be there for you every step of the way because that is how the Gilroy Napoli Short Law Group handles all of their DUI cases.

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